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A collection of small posts dedicated to linux admin tasks.

linuxnippet #2: Finding files in command line

Ever need to find a file that contains some text? Hate trying to remember how to do it so you google it all the time? This post is one I reference often. I do not recommend spending your valuable brain-space on useless info. Just remember how to find the answer and you’ll be golden.

This one is a quickie because it’s mainly for me to remember: Continue reading linuxnippet #2: Finding files in command line

linuxnippet #1: multi-region tmux oh my!

Hey kids. Do you ever find yourself working at your terminal, with the dull glow barely revealing the letters on your keyboard, attempting to do the same thing to all the regions in your company? Your friends have, in quiet whispers, mentioned pssh, screen, and tmux as the best trip you’ll ever have. As a smart developer you cautiously dabbled in them at first. Maybe you found what you were looking for, but then in the thick of things you found yourself banging your head on that same keyboard. The trip just wasn’t worth it.

What are we talking about again?

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